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greater terran legion

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del 6 part 1 bliver nok nød til og dele dem op

It was just another routine cycle for Signals Officer Jes Tu’the. Another ship requesting clearance, more demands for fuel, and the usual list that comes in when a starship needs to dock. It was tedious but it was a job and got her off-planet so she couldn’t complain too much. “Ship designator 596A3-X2, your request for docking clearance has been approved. Please make your way to sector 17Echo, Pad 5 and await the ground crew who will relay further instructions.” I relay lazily over the comms and hear their reply, now onto the next request. “Ship designator A229R-O8, your request for docking clearance has been denied. Your ship needs further examination based on recent travel destinations. Please make you wa-” Suddenly all the signals get cut out as the alert frequency goes live. “What the…” The only ship we have out this way with the override clearance is Krii’s recon ship and he knows better than this… “Capitan Krii’utz, this is Tu’the; what is going on?” Maybe they burned too much fuel? Powers that be know that it wouldn’t be the first time he has pushed his ship too far… Still though, he has never activated the alert frequency. I notice that it is a repeating signal, so much for getting a direct reply from him; lets see what he felt so important to send. Hopefully I can get this cleared up before things get hectic for the ships awaiting clearance…

“…Station 119-X03, this…ii’utz of the reconnaissance vessel, Ithreal…1 jump to Sector Command on Harn’we. The Terrans have…again, the Terrans…ed.” Well that’s Krii’utz alright but what is he talking about. The Terrans? Is he still going on about them? And a “1 jump” to command? As if… A priority 1 jump is only granted for emergencies that would effect the whole USF. Well, I might as well clean up the message, hopefully I can make out what all he’s saying. Before I can start working on the signal, I heard the door behind me slide open and the distinct sound of boot-heels on the metal flooring. Krast. Without turning around I say, “Greetings Major, I assume you are here because of the alert frequency?” I can picture his face now; fiery red hair spiked up, ears flat against his body, and eyes full of rage at this breach of protocol. “Lieutenant Tu’the, you are correct.” His voice echoes throughout the office with the subtle authority of a mountain, strong and proud. He came up beside me and listened to the signal as I worked to clean it up. “That is Capitan Krii’utz, is it not? What is he going on about…” I hear the Major muttering to himself but put it out of my mind as the signal comes through clearer; we both listened with obvious shock to what the message said:

“Resupply Station 119-X03, this is Capitan Xulth’romash Krii’utz of the reconnaissance vessel, Ithreal Sanru. I am requesting a Priority 1 jump to Sector Command on Harn’we. The Terrans have returned and I am escorting them to the Commander. I say again, the Terrans have returned.”

I feel my body tense with shock as my mind reels with this new, sudden information. “Impossible…” It took me a moment to realize that it was I who had spoken. “Impossible indeed,” I hear the Major speak, his voice just above a whisper. “It would appear that we need to clear the sector now. Lieutenant, Cerberus Protocol is now in effect. Get these ships out of out sector now, use my authority if you must. I need to speak to the other Station Leaders, the Commander, and his staff.” As he turned away, I heard him speak into the secure channel in his suit, “This is Major Hawthun, I am implementing Cerberus Protocol. All Station Leaders, clear the High orbit docking stations and prepare to mobilize defense troops.” Hearing this come from him, I knew this was serious and that this was not the time to ask questions. “All ships in high orbit or awaiting clearance for Station 119-X03, by command of Major Hawthun you are all ordered to make your way to the rally points being sent to your navigators. Follow the sequence that is attached to this order. Any craft that deviates from this order will face immediate boarding and seizure by the Federation Security Force.” The ship Captains each sent their affirmation with various forms of enthusiasm, bickering, and outright aggression to this sudden order. Thankfully, the Major had gotten through to the FSF leaders and they were already on the way to the Stations to help with the clearing of the civilians from the sector. This cycle just got very interesting…




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