I feel like I have a mental disorder...


I feel like I have a mental disorder...

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I'm always changing my mood without meaning to. Sometimes I'm extremely rude to people and suddenly become nice again and apologise. I feel like this all could be a mental disorder. Can anyone help?



I understand that you have a problem and I will try to see if I can help. When you are young it is normal to have a changing mood. It is also normal to be sorry for the things you say, when you are in a bad mood. According to the things you write here I can't say if you have a mental disorder but I don't see any signs that you are anything else than an ordinary teenager with a changing mood. If you are really worried, you can see your doctor and tell him or her how you feel and about your worries. If you feel that the way you are reacting when you are rude is both violent and impulsive, it can be helpful to see a doctor. There is a mental disorder called borderline which causes violent or impulsive reactions. But even if you react like this, it can also just be a sign of you being an emotional teenager. Even the fact that you are questioning your own sanity is a sign that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. When you have a mental disorder it will be really difficult for the person itself to see that something is wrong.

I hope the answer was helpful.

- Signe M



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